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Posts tagged ‘swans’

out from Reading onto the big bad wide Thames – Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August

One more lock and then boom; the River Thames opens up wider than you could have imagined a day ago.

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three day stretch – Friday 2nd August to Sunday 4th August

We've had swan bookmarks around both our mealtimes today: earlier this evening we had a swan-pair preening before admiring their own sleepy reflections in the River Kennet (it was the Avon up until Newbury and then the switch happened). They're resting their long necks onto their snowy bodies, tucking their beaks into downy wings and dozily gazing into the hypnotic current as they drop off.

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There’s something about driving up and down the A1 from Hertfordshire to York and back.  I don’t know…it gives you time to think.  Three hours Read more