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Slovenia – a pocket-sized unassuming jewel of swirling mist, vast mountain backdrops and fairytale castles

Written on Tuesday 3rd January (on journey home) and then Wednesday 4th January (at home). If you’re curious – or just plain nosy – there are a couple more pics on my Instagram account….

Emma and I are at this moment, sat in Ljubljana airport Read more

building better beginnings and endings in Kenya and Cambridge

Photos to follow later. This is a blog about my incredible time in Kenya, but was written in Montenegro airport and a hotel in Slovenia months later, as I made my way from Rome (family for Christmas) to Ljubljana (mountains and Emma for New Year). So it skips around a little. Forwarned is forearmed…


It’s the 29th December as I start to write this. The end of a tumultuous year. I’ve been meaning to do this blog for a while (well more than a while…) but the last few months have been barreling ahead at full steam and it feels like the six thousand elements of my life have been fighting against each other to squeeze through the rapidly shrinking window of 2016.

It’s probably a bit odd that I’m blogging about Kenya now. But in another way it makes perfect sense. Read more