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Posts tagged ‘graffiti’

three day stretch – Friday 2nd August to Sunday 4th August

We've had swan bookmarks around both our mealtimes today: earlier this evening we had a swan-pair preening before admiring their own sleepy reflections in the River Kennet (it was the Avon up until Newbury and then the switch happened). They're resting their long necks onto their snowy bodies, tucking their beaks into downy wings and dozily gazing into the hypnotic current as they drop off.

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purposely misbehaving

We’d read about things that are frowned upon in Italy at the start of our trip. Just to make sure we were well behaved. Putting your feet up on seats is baddd. So we knew we were in trouble even before we saw the scowling clouding up the train-guard’s eyebrows. Read more

growing addictions to street art and espresso (Verona e Bologna)

Asking a friendly faced police man the way to our accommodation in Verona might have been a fatal error. As it is, we have survived. We do have our suspicions however about our little B&B with it’s sit-down-only-bath, why-smile-when-you-can-glare cleaning lady, and tracksuit-bottomed, full-bearded hosts. Read more