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Posts from the ‘weather’ Category

deluge – 30th July 2019

Of course, this was no ordinary rain. This is the kind of rain that soaks you to the skin in 2 seconds flat. Tropical Mexican storm you-can-have-a-shower-and-wash-your-hair-in-it-rain. The kind of rain you get in horror films or Stranger Things. Epic rain.

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purple thistles and 2 magpies playing chicken with a scary looking cow

I’ve had the most splendid weekend. It’s been punctuated with colour, delicious food, Kir Royale (nod to Grandma; along with the cherry tomato plant which has suddenly grown seemingly from nowhere Read more

sometimes (when the sun is shining) this is the most beautiful country in the world

I’ve just been out on a five mile run  to celebrate taking a half day of toil post playing a gig which didn’t finish until 2am on Sunday morning and then an 8am start the next day for Bubble Rush (which was brilliant and we got the charity on ITV – horah!)

I’m still sat in my (sweaty) running gear Read more