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gone a year

Today you’ve been gone a whole year. I think of you often. I wonder if you knew that I would?

You were a dear friend and wise. Eighty eight in body, but not in spirit or sense of humour. I miss you. And I miss knowing you are next door. Read more

face to face encounters in Tanjung Puting, Kalimantan

Written Wednesday 8th June on looooong car journey from Surabaya airport to Bromo, about Monday 6th June (morning). 

We’re alive! We didn’t get eaten by giant tarantulas or set upon my rampaging monkeys in the night. Read more

Grandma Easby

I’m currently sat at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam awaiting the arrival of my flame haired travel companion Emma.

We are about to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure (which I am SERIOUSLY excited about) to Indonesia.  Blog posts will be plentiful I imagine Read more