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long lost November

Somehow, I’m grieving

I can’t quite let it go

Revisiting the reasons

Hurls my mind to and fro


It’s got to be better

To keep looking up

So in the day I smile forwards

But the night cuts a loop


When noise fills the windows

From the skies over head

Here, nobody notices or

runs out, sky-spy, red


Where exited passion?

Those heroes: my friends?

Our colourful quote jar?

The 3’o clock stretch?


I’ve lost something special

It had manga eyes

A jump-hop-skip-step-back

And a victory dance


It liked the odd coffee

Appreciated my late

Had a quizzical eyebrow

And inspiration called Kate


No space in my work now

For belly laugh meetings

No high-five hash re-runs

No big bear hug greetings


It was something so special

To save someone’s wife

To be part of that story

Gave purpose to life


I’ve left it behind now

Try not to remember

As words chase my sleep back

to long lost November

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