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meeting Ray (Winstone)

You know when you are so busy that you can barely breathe, never mind turn around: that’s been my last three weeks.

In a way it’s good: not much time to think about things that perhaps it’s best not to think about.

In other ways it’s not been so great.  One evening last week, wearing my insanely comfortable but ridiculously tripoverable Ali Baba trousers from Thailand, I managed to 1/ fall down the stairs (corker of a purple bruise top of my left butt cheek to prove it) 2/trip over myself while stepping off the sofa and crash land on my knees inches away from the most solid, potentially jaw breaking, vintage sewing machine that exists, (possibly), anywhere in the world.  Ruth looked extremely concerned and fetched the frozen peas. I experienced spontaneous crying of the sort that you would normally only do as a child….or when very very tired after two and a half weeks of no work-life balance, a marathon in the middle, and no time for your body to recover.

I had a sleep-in today, a walk in Sherradswood Park then lunch with my brilliant friends and am pleased to report that I feel less zombie, more human once again. Horah for that.

Back to Friday though and despite the fact that I was ready to drop by the end of the week, someone genuinely altruistic by the name of Mick, had an unexpected treat up his sleeve for me, and everyone who has anything to do with Herts Air Ambulance: Mr Ray Winstone.  Yes, the very same of ‘Scum’, ‘Nil by Mouth’, ‘Sexy Beast’ fame.

I suppose I should explain why.  But then, you could find out why for yourself: Go have a look. It’s only 2 minutes long but if you can’t be bothered (lazy), it’s a nice little piece about Ware Joggers who have raised an amazing £17,000 for us in the last 5 years. That deserves some of your attention, don’t you think?  Plus even I get a teeny moment (chest swells slightly with a small dose of pride. I’m allowed that right? I mean RAY WINSTONE. That’s awesome!). Not sure that hands dug into the pockets of my Air Ambulance branded hoody and hair tucked behind my ears is the best look I’ve ever sported, but I come across pretty well I think. Not sure why I was so relaxed. Maybe it’s a sign of just how tired I was, that I didn’t even have one momentary spike of adrenaline.  Well, maybe one. But that might be a story for another day.

As for Ray: what a lovely man. Easy to talk to. Humble. Accommodating. Just, well, normal. We thought he’d maybe stay for 20 minutes but he stuck around for two hours!  Posed with a flight helmet on with the Crew in front of the heli.

Ray crewDid an interview with the guy from ITV Anglia News.  Enjoyed a cuppa and chatted away to charity staff and Margaret from Ware Joggers.

Ray cuppa

Brilliant morning.  I swear that even Stu, Clinical Manager (usually too cool for school), nearly skipped as he carried his treasured commissioned-years-ago-as-he’s-such-a-huge-Ray-Winstone-fan painting, freshly signed, back to the boot of his car. Genuinely, it gave us all a boost. And having to wear his trendy peaked cap (I had the mic, my camera and not enough hands) whilst he donned the flight helmet, is up there with sharing spare ribs with Paul Weller: much like one of those luminous marathon energy beans. Meeting Ray Winstone and the fact that he was so, so…well, himself still….despite being hugely famous…saw me through to the end of what might have just been the busiest three weeks of my life (and that’s saying something).

And do you know what else?  He signed my Brighton Marathon/Nepal Trek hoody. Which is brilliant. But slightly unfortunate as it hadn’t made it to the washing machine after Brighton. Eee well. You have to take the rough with the smooth right?  And what’s a bit of sweat in the presence of greatness?

Ray hoody

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