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The best surprises  are the unexpected ones.

Take this morning. Well strictly speaking it was yesterday morning (yes I know, should be asleep: burning the candle at both ends…meh, you only live once I say).  So for arguments sake I’m calling it this morning.

So I’m driving into work – this morning – just a little bit late (wouldn’t want to break a habit of a lifetime) and it starts to snow. Big fancy flakes dancing around the road in front of me. Not unusual in itself. It being December n’all. But it takes my breath away for a second.  I feel like I’m momentarily suspended, matrix-style, because I can almost see every lacy frond of every snowflake: they’re falling to the floor, bathed in sunshine. Melting as they go. Totally mesmerizing. Probably not a good thing when you’re driving. But one of those things that I’d never seen before. Not that I remember anyway. And maybe one of those things I’ll never see again.

No photo I’m afraid. But I was driving. And you couldn’t capture it. It will have to stay where it is, making do as an (almost) secret moment between my memory and me.

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