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blossom reminder

There’s something so sensual about this time of year.

I think it’s must be down to the first tree blossom.  The yellow specked flowers appear overnight, nubile and delicate, and then bloom in all their fullness for what seems to be no more than a week.  Then, before you know it, the wind has gently whisped all their sweet tiny petals into a carpet of faded pink, white and sepia on the pavement.

I’m making a point of noticing every blossom tree this year.  Although that makes it sound like a conscious thing.  It’s more instinctual than that.  I just tend to snap out of auto-pilot as I drive down roads I couldn’t care less about every other day of the year.  Trees in full blush grab me and bring me back to right here, right now.  Suddenly I pay attention to where I am.

To be honest, it’s probably not entirely safe to be driving the opposite direction to me on any blossom lined street.  I’m a little bit too mesmerised by these surprising pink and white explosions.  I don’t want to stop looking, even if it might be quite a good idea because there’s a big 4×4 coming the other direction and parked cars on both sides of the road.

The weirdest thing is how they seem to materialise out of nowhere.  In winter the very same trees look bare and naked and lonely.  Then the blossom strikes and suddenly it’s like ten thousand young beauty queens have arrived all a-flutter.  If they knew how tenuous a presence they had, I doubt they would be so beautiful.

But it makes you notice.  Just a little reminder from the world.  However bare and solitary you might feel in one given moment, surround yourself with the right circumstances and before you know it – bam – you’ve come back to life, as joyful and vibrant as you were once before.  Of course, we have the added advantage of being able to uproot ourselves and change our environment, as and when necessary. What a privilege.

So much hope in one season’s blossom.


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  1. Aunt Ang #

    AAAhhh very philosophical……. good reading keep it up , love you xxx

    April 1, 2012

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