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Posts tagged ‘volcano’

simple pleasures in achingly expensive Taormina and stunning Savoca, Sicily 

(Written, Wednesday 6 September 2017)

The sun is beating down on me. Ryan is snorkeling (3rd mask lucky). I’m feeling pretty happy on my lumi-lilo, compared to all the other less smug humans scattered on this proverbially uncomfortable stoney beach opposite Isola Bella. Every so often a a gentle breeze strokes over me, bringing with it a wash of triumphantly Italian horn music.

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power within, Ijen, Java

Written in Ubud in the lovely little oasis that is Oka Wati on Tuesday 14th June about Thursday 9th June through to yesterday (and a bit about Wednesday 8th June at the bottom!) 

As our jeep bumps and grinds up the mountain roads to Ijen, we smile with relief that our new hosts – Pak Poer driving and Rian as guide – chatter and smile and are completely awake: which is what we want now we’re in four wheeled jeep and the road seems to turn back in on itself at every corner.  Read more

close encounters of the volcano (& waterfall) kind, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Written in Seminyak, Bali (where we are being lazy slugs) on Sunday 12th & Monday 13th June about Wednesday 8th June 2016.

It’s a long, winding, and eventually ascending (with gears screaming) car journey from Surabaya airport to Bromo National Park. The trip seems longer than it might Read more