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power within, Ijen, Java

Written in Ubud in the lovely little oasis that is Oka Wati on Tuesday 14th June about Thursday 9th June through to yesterday (and a bit about Wednesday 8th June at the bottom!) 

As our jeep bumps and grinds up the mountain roads to Ijen, we smile with relief that our new hosts – Pak Poer driving and Rian as guide – chatter and smile and are completely awake: which is what we want now we’re in four wheeled jeep and the road seems to turn back in on itself at every corner.  Read more

kunang kunang dance on the Sekonyer River, Kalimantan

Written (in patches between Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th June) about the evening of Monday 6th June

I’ve taken to half hand-writing and half making a quick note as we go, in my sepeda covered notebook, as I perch on my rose-red bean bag at the front of the boat. There’s so much to tell and I’m scared I’ll forget some tiny beautiful detail, like the tropical king fisher that flashed past on the first day, yellow beak chased by red green blue feathers (which I forgot to mention before). All of it deserves to be written down or photographed or preserved. Read more

Let It Go, in Kalimantan

Written on the Sekonyer River (on Sunday 5th June 2016), about Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th June. Photos to follow with any luck!  

“Look at where we woke up!” I say to Emma as we sit perched on two bean bags, aboard a boat floating on the Sungai (river) Sekonyer, next to a sign which says:


‘No Feeding Of Wildlife!
(includes orangutans and macaques)’ Read more