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those be the rules…

..and rules are made to be broken right?

It’s half the joy of life after all. And I really could have done with being rebellious today.

I’ll be honest, I have had some minor #fails during mobile-less March: Read more

“me and my mobile? ….we’re on a break”

A word about alarms.

And waking up.

If you know you don’t have the snooze option, you won’t go back to sleep. Who knew?? It’s a miracle!! How did I not know forget about this? Read more

10 days in…and an epiphany on Vauxhall station platform

I’m 10 days in and can’t work out how I feel about mobile-less March. I think it’s easier just to tell you what I’ve noticed….

Firstly, sleep is an issue. I’ve never been the best at getting to bed, ever since I was a teenager and even when I was up before 5am, six days a week when I worked in radio. But I have been trying really hard to tackle my night owl tendencies. And about 4 months ago, I discovered a magical little app called Pzizz which actually succeeds in making me a sleepy head. I didn’t realise a/ how much I used it and b/ how I would miss it so.

I’m also surprisingly traumatised by the lack of Instagram in my life. Read more