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i’ve had enough now

Seriously. Roll on Friday. Mobile-less March has chip chip chipped away at me and now, much as I’d love to say “What an amazing experience; it’s taught me things; I don’t need a phone in my life; everything still functions perfectly well without it”…such a statement – without any kind of addendum – would be untrue. Read more

those be the rules…

..and rules are made to be broken right?

It’s half the joy of life after all. And I really could have done with being rebellious today.

I’ll be honest, I have had some minor #fails during mobile-less March: Read more

“me and my mobile? ….we’re on a break”

A word about alarms.

And waking up.

If you know you don’t have the snooze option, you won’t go back to sleep. Who knew?? It’s a miracle!! How did I not know forget about this? Read more