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There’s a woman walks by me, here just some of the time

More often when running, other worlds locked behind

It’s then she whoops loudly, circling joy all around me

Turns my chin to the sun, hears leaves falling softly


Her who chants “you can do it” towards marathons ends

Nudges to future’s wise choices, the kindest of friends

Tells you’re loved for yourself, even here all alone

Craving nieces flung far, Family Sundays unknown


She’s the calm sun kissed sea that settles around me

Quells the gasps and the gulps of the howling wild banshee

Mutes sorrows heavy sounds as they rise to the rafters

Creeps into dark corners, relights inner hope with her candles


She creates out of nothing, rationalises, reflects,

Has faith and believes, imagines, strives yet

She knows to have courage: love will trip up and catch her,

For now friends share air, her wine, chat and laughter


I want her here longer, but she goes as she pleases

Skeleton keys open doors, locked tight, nice and easy

She returns then unbidden, whispers thoughts in my ears

She fills up the silence and dampens my fears


It’s her who I need here, the best of my worlds

Yet sings ‘save space for others so I have time to grow’

It’s her I belong to but she needs to run free

Fathers son, mother’s daughter, she’s the best I can be


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  1. I love this xx

    July 26, 2016
    • dawn #

      Thanks ColCol.. It’d been forming in my head over the last couple of days 🙂 x

      July 26, 2016
  2. Kelly #

    I love you Dawn xxx

    July 28, 2016
    • dawn #

      Loves ya too! xx

      July 28, 2016

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