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scenic driving

It’s -3 degrees C. There’s frost over every, still surface, outside.

Driving to work this morning, the trees looked nothing short of magical and I had to make a concerted effort not to stop and photograph each one.  It might be the first time I’ve ever seen them properly: plain Jane’s had a spectacular make-over and now every branch is gracefully dripping with silver.  All the magnificence of a firework, but quiet, and poised, as if in surprise at their own beauty.

I had time to stop tonight. I like the colour filters cast by the street lamps and car headlights, but you can’t see the macro-detail of each little frostlet glistening back at you like you can in the day. If it’s still this spectacular when the weekend comes around, I’ll head out with my real camera, but for now, this will have to do (the olde Galaxy s3 doesn’t do a bad job in an emergency).

frost 2

frost 5

frost 4

frost 3I did manage to snatch one quick shot, after fumbling around in my deep purple handbag for my phone, when I pulled up to the Rushden junction this morning (unusually there were no cars behind me). But there was no tree at this particular point in the road.  Just a single solitary weed-flower. An old wisened cowparsley stalk? (…member of the carrot family apparently…).

frost 1

See what I mean?

Dressed up to the nines and frozen, in a few stolen dew drops.

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